Our mission is to provide timely, reliable, high quality service assisting in our clients business, utility, or organization in maintaining compliance with provincial and federal environmental regulations. We strive to team up with our clients and communicate effectively with them so that we can exceed their expectations and win their long-term loyalty.


To offer the highest quality of service to our clients and maintaining high levels of professional ethics and admirable core values.
Our vision is to be top of the list of preferred strategic partners in the field of environment and sustainability consulting.


MECPAK provides holistic consultancy for collection, management, transfer and distribution of
waste management plans for municipal corporations, industrial zones and development projects.

MECPAK is well-equipped with the environmental, health and safety (HSE) and social issues encountered by every projects
while proceeding towards the phases of development as well as the operational phase.

MECPAK provide guidance to its every client and facilitates it in every manner so the project is to fully comply
with the environmental regulation prescribed for that particular project.